Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Curriculum overview

Thought I would you an idea of what we studying, in general, right now. We don't cover all of these topics every day; rather, we have the week scheduled so that we spend a few hours on each subject at a time. Only algebra gets a slim portion of time. I mean, who can stomach two straight hours of math? Not our Harmonia!

Literature -- Romeo & Juliet
Composition -- daily journals; working on a five paragraph essay based on the Jane Shaffer method
History -- Elizabethan England -- presenting a young woman's dress at a local history fair on Feb 23
Math -- Algebra (proportions)
Art History -- Renaissance
Art -- pottery, plus Sketch Tuesdays
Science -- botany (leaf/tree identification), plus weekly nature walks
Foreign Language -- Japanese (conversational)
Music -- piano
Home Ec -- sewing
Religious Studies -- divination (beginning Tarot and palmistry); comparison of Winter holidays

We are trying out a few different local homeschool groups -- all secular. Only one is really close to us, at 20 minutes away. I just discovered it today, and I'm so excited. It meets at a nearby library twice a month.

The two others we've been attending are each about 40 minutes away. One hasn't worked out well so far as most of the kids are significantly younger than Harmonia, but the other (Free Your Mind -- FYM) has had wonderful field trips and events. We'll probably stick with the Library group and FYM.

More to come on the Civil War/Little Women unit we just finished up and the Renaissance/Romeo & Juliet unit we are beginning.

Also coming soon: The Hero's Journey/LotR  and World History/Hetalia

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  1. We are Pagan homeschoolers, and have found your blog most helpful in planing my next year! We mainly use Waldorf, but I am planing on adding some CM twist.

    Please keep writing!!!


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