Friday, December 21, 2012

Planning -- Overview of Study

I've been looking quite a lot at the curriculum available (for FREE) through Ambleside Online. While it is quite comprehensive in most respects, it doesn't *quite* suit our household. (It is very, very Christian, after all. That's great for many families, but we are a Pagan home.)

There is so much good material available at Ambleside, though -- material that I can cull and cobble into my own planning.

Here are the subjects that I intend to cover with Harmonia between now (7th grade) and June 2018 (graduation):

Witchcraft -- divination, energy work, totemic studies, Wheel/Compass
Government and Economics
Current Events
Grammar and Composition
Nature Study
Art -- history (w/Glaux), Picture Study (appreciation), practice
Music -- Composers, piano, folksongs
Foreign Language -- Japanese, French, Sign Language
Life and Work Skills
Free Reading

Some of these subjects combine with each other in seamless and elegant ways. Recitation and copywork, for example, go together brilliantly. And what is Harmonia reciting and copying? Well, material from literature, history, poetry, witchcraft, etc. See ... elegant.

I'll always link history, geography, literature and composition. There will be plenty of opportunities, as well, to explore composition in conjunction with current events, science, etc.

What I don't do (and don't plan on doing) is working chronologically. That's one of the things I don't like about the Ambleside literature, history, composer, and art sequencing. I work thematically, not chronologically. I think it's more effective for learning to talk about ideas than times.

So here is what I think we'll be doing for the remainder of this school year (roughly):

Romeo & Juliet
Taming of the Shrew

Early Colonial American Literature (as found here)
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Selected Shakespeare sonnets

History & Geography:

Elizabeth's England
Hetalia & WWII

Artist Study:
Albrecht Durer
Norman Rockwell

Composer Study:
Bartok and Hindemuth

We do math through Khan Academy, and we'll be starting this Middle School Chemistry program (both free!).

Harmonia will continue with her Pimsleur Japanese, and we will start American Sign Language.

I think that's a good start for now. There are more aspects to consider, and I will undoubtedly be gathering resource and formulating plan all through our Winter Break. Look for some good free printables coming from me soon!

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  1. Nearly identical to what I'm doing!!! This year my youngest is in 3rd Grade. We are studying Indigenous Peoples. We began our study with the Celts! (We practice Druidry). My eldest is in 8th Grade. I'm going to assign both of Isaac Bonewit's Essential Guides, to Druidry and Witchcraft&Wicca, for Independent Reading! I should totally do a blog, too!!!


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